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Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. So is February 28th! Apparently the tooth fairy is so honorable, she’s celebrated twice each year. Is it because sometimes the tooth fairy is mommy, and other times, “she” is daddy? Hmm … What we do know is that despite all that recognition, the tooth fairy is not at all immune to the slings and arrows of inflation. It seems kids across the land are expecting a higher bounty under their pillows these days, and you won’t believe the going rate.

So, what’s the going rate? Statistically speaking, about $3.70 a tooth. But that number is going up, and some tooth fairies are actually being worked over for $50 a tooth according to a recent survey released by Visa. What’s a respectable tooth fairy to do?

Get Creative!

The best way to distance yourself from the need to tuck Ulysses S. Grant under the pillow of your toothless tot, is to avoid monetary compensation altogether. If you think “novelty,” instead of cash, your kids will love their gift just the same, and you won’t have to keep up with the Joneses. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is little Johnny asking why the tooth fairy gave him a quarter, but left neighbor Billy fifty smackers. Here are a few ideas:
  • Foreign Coins: Add a little bit of mystery by giving coins from other countries. It’s still money, and it’ll set the curiosity button aglow in your kids. Just watch! You can pick up a bag of coins for a few bucks online, and use it for years.
  • Glass Beads or Marbles: These two ideas are eternal. What kid doesn’t like shiny glass things? Really! Even adults love ‘em. And maybe, instead of just collecting them, you can learn how to play marbles, (yes, it’s actually a game), or have your kids craft their own beaded jewelry with the beads the tooth fairy leaves behind.
  • Stickers: Another timeless idea. Get a pack and dish them out as teeth fall out, or, find an affordable single set and give the whole set. Movie-themed stickers can be a nice treat, and a great way for the tooth fairy to demonstrate her hipness.
So, this year, when it comes time to put on your tooth fairy hat, try saying “no” the playground extortion ring and rising prices, and give your kids something they can actually put to good use. If you enjoyed these three ideas, there are a few more to choose from at Happy August, all!

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